6 Reasons Nigerian Youths Engage In Sports Betting

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Well, be as it may, Nigerians have taken solace in sport betting.‎ It’s now a new normal in Nigeria to see young people, especially, on the streets and queues struggling their way to place their bets on the five major leagues in world football.
The English premier league, Spanish Primera la Liga, Italian Serie A, German‎ Bundesliga and the French league. Other minor leagues are also not excluded. In short, Nigerian youths have seen sport betting as another way to make put food on their table.
Why do many Nigerian youths engage in Sports betting? Here are the reasons why.
1. Unemployment: The high rate of unemployment in Nigeria has‎ been responsible for the wild spread of sport betting in Nigeria, with so many youths pouring their money into it to get returns on investment. It is a two-way thing; others may have lost out but a‎ lot of them have made huge cash. And it has put food on the tables of many as well.
2. Influence: Sports betting is pervasive such that it is viewed in‎ Nigerian society as ‘normal thing – ‘almost every body around you is involved and this serve as a ready influence.
3. Love of Sports: The love of sports by many Nigerian youths is also the reasons behind sport betting. Nigerians are sport lovers.
4. More engagement in sports: Besides the money a lot of people make from sport bettings, it has also polished their engagement in sports, in that they keep close tabs on games that they have staked on.
5. Economic Condition: The economic condition has given way to why many Nigerian youths engage in sports betting. The‎ environment is not safe for businesses. Some don’t even have such enough huge capital to start up. They rather go for sport bettings- that they don’t have to to spend much on.
6. It is a Pot of Gold: Access to fast, risk free cash is one of the reasons many people engage in sports betting. It is stress free, and direct access to cash. Greed also comes into play. It could be tagged as a ‘business’ that you invest with as little as N50 to win as much as any amount, if the predictions are correct. Who wouldn’t be enticed with such bait?
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