7 Crazy Things I Did Because Of Girls Back In The Secondary School, I Bet You All Are Guilty Of Number 1

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I can still remember vividly my secondary school days like the alphabets A, B, C because those days were very interesting, funny and also challenging. It was in the Secondary school that we became teens and pubertal, these led to some exuberant characters.
It was in the secondary school that some of us started chasing after ladies (don’t judge me) and to be honest, sometimes the chase was easy and others not. I and my close friend yesterday night were just reminiscing about the crazy things we did because of girls back then. Majorly because we were trying to impress them, prove a point or just because it was a stage .etc. I know you too did some things (might not be crazy like mine) but here is my own list.
1. Copying note for girls: even if I am yet to complete my own note, I’m always willing to help the girl I like complete hers no matter how long it might be. I do that because I know I will get her attention during the process and also have the chance to hang out with her. Some girls later turn me down even after writing more than 30 pages but believe me, the tactic worked a lot of time.
2. Missing Dinning: this was not easy because on the other hand I was a “foodie’ but had to miss most of my meals then so that I could earn respect from girls- they normally see guys that doesn’t come to the dining hall as big boys who spend a lot in the tuck shop. They don’t know some of us find solace in our garri or end up begging for food from peeps who went to the dinning. It was really crazy!!!
3. Attacking girls with “Devil’s beans’: I know this was cruel and mean but I and some of my friends poured the evil seed on the chairs and lockers of some girls in our class. This act was impulsed because some girls insulted us, “formed” or refused to accept our proposals. So we decided to make them dance in pains and shame without music while having fun. If you’re reading this, please forgive me.
4. Missing Classes: this was really crazy and I still don’t know why I had to do that because of girls. Maybe because we thought girls then liked the disobedient guys, “bad-guys’. With the mindset of impressing girls, you would see us jumping out of windows just so we could miss the lesson why the girls settle and receive the lesson. That was not crazy but unknown foolishness.
5. Showering Girls with Gifts: large sum of the little pocket money I was meant to survive with in the school was spent buying gifts for girls especially during valentine and birthdays. We wanted to act like “the rich kids of the school” feeling on top of the world but always ended up starving after some time while the girls enjoyed.
6. Lied a lot: for you to impress girls then you must really be “mouthed’ and good at lying because it was like my class girls liked lies and trust me I was good at it (though I don’t do that again). I fed them with sweet words that they couldn’t resist, told them I had things I’ve not seen before.
7. Failed: I fell in love with Trisha in my senior class but she refused to reciprocate the love. I was depressed, sad, and suicidal, couldn’t concentrate and even forgot why I was in school. The exams came and I failed woefully; I was called out among the last-five on the assembly ground and couldn’t bare the shame. It was only by mercy I was not repeated. CRAZY!!!
Those are now good memories I’ve learnt from and still smile about.
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Written by @st_shogat for Naijaloaded

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