Six (6) Signs That Shows Your Partner Needs Your Attention

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Try to notice the following below;

1. He Stopped Asking You For Things;

You may think that this is a good thing at first, but it actually is quite the opposite.

Research has proven that when a man is stressed, he retreats and refrains from being direct with you.”If he doesn’t feel like you’ll understand what’s important to him or that you’ll default to a negative response, he’ll stop bringing it up,” says Greer.

2. He/She Is Spending A Lot Of Time With Friends;

Of course he has friends and work companions that he likes to see on occasion. But he is spending more and more time with them and less at home with you and the family. He is not doing this to get away from you! He is actually seeking your attention and hoping for an invitation to come home and be with you.

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3. He Is Constantly Telling You How Much He Misses You;

You live in the same house and see each other every single day, but he still often tells you he misses you. This is a clear sign that he needs more love from you. He is working so hard to provide for you and the family, but wants to know that when he comes home he will be welcomed with open arms, a kiss from his loving wife and maybe even a surprise romantic evening.

4. He Accuses You Of Not Loving Him Enough;

Has your partnerever told you that you don’tlove him enough? Oftentimes women forget that their husbands have needs as well. This ranges from physical all the way to emotional. One of the best ways to address this concern is to ask questions and search for understanding. Listen to him. Talk to him. He needs your full attention on him immediately.

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5. He Talks You Out Of Doing Things With Friends To Be With Him;

All you want to do is have a night with your bestie you haven’t seen in over a year, but he tries to convince you to stay with him. This is not because he doesn’t like your friend; it is actually quite the opposite. He is jealous of how special your relationship is with her. When he acts out like this, it is because he feels you aren’t spending enough time with him. You aren’t treasuring him which is all he wants.

6. He Makes You Feel Bad For The Little Things;

His temper is high, and his patience is low. Everything you do seems to put him on edge. Ishe really mad at you? One of the ways men cope with this feeling of being neglected is through anger. He isn’t mad at anything you have done; he just misses spending time with you.
Make time for your partner. He loves and misses you dearly. Just a small gesture of appreciation – a surprise special evening together – can go a long way.
                                                Written by Praise Osawaru

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