Tory Lanez – Shot Clock Violations

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Tory Lanez Shot Clock Violations Mp3 Download.

American Rapper/Singer Tory Lanez really pour his heart in this new song titled “Shot Clock Violations“. He talks about how life been treating him, and how he keeps making use of it to turn things around.

It’s 2022 now, and judgin’ by on the deal I struck in 2021, I probably won’t need a new advance
They try to hold me back, but I’ve been out here skippin’ steps like a ruined dance
Watchin’ all the flaws of you niggas, flyin’ the crew to France
I ain’t really been to the city so long (so long)
So long, I don’t even know what’s goin’ on (goin’ on)
Hoes gone and the good girls moved on (moved on)
Old friends jealous and the feeling so strong (strong)
Oh, I’m (I’m)
Comin’ up short but the money so long (so long)
Old friends didn’t get to last too long (too long)
Old hoes gone but I gotta move on

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